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A Sizeable Challenge and Long Term Commitment


Around 1967, Jean Poirier decided the time had come to begin working on a project he had been thinking about for some time. And this wasn't just any project! We often say that the greatest projects arise out of simple dreams. But, as this dynamic entrepreneur explains:

"A dream is short-lived, compared to the perseverance required to set up such an international project. The challenge was immense: it meant nothing less that to convince others that a large resort centre on the rocky shores of Lac La Ronge would be economically viable."

However, after six long years of rugged work, a new provincial government policy forced Mr. Poirier to halt the development works. The invested monies were for the most part lost, and everything had to be started all over again. Negotiations with the government over the following years proved to be difficult, and in the end, unsuccessful.

In July, 1987, the provincial government finally accepted to allow for the continuation of construction on the golf course near La Ronge, but due to strong local political pressure, the golf course project on the shores of the Montreal River, developed by the Poirier family, would not be completed. Once again, the invested monies were lost, and the long months of labour went up in smoke. A community golf club, founded by Jean Poirier, later proposed to build a golf course between the Air Ronge Airport and the Town of La Ronge with financial assistance from the government.

A few years earlier, a British Colombia company had established itself on Lac LaRonge with a fleet of houseboats. But due to financial problems, the company was forced to shut down and several of the "floating cabins" had spent the winter abandoned, frozen in the ice.

A group of investors then asked the Poirier family to study the possibility of setting up a houseboat rental operation near the area where the new golf course was to be built. Due diligence was a must, and after carefully studying all the contingencies, the Poirier family decided to acquire a major share in the La Ronge Houseboats company, on the very specific condition that the Town of La Ronge and the provincial government accept the large-scale resort centre which would give new life to the tourism industry in this magnificent part of Saskatchewan.

Jean Poirier and all the members of his family had long since clearly defined the needs of their clientele: some were after an exciting adventure in the midst of a wild region, while others preferred to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature, far from the urban centres. And this is precisely what Eagle Point Resort, founded in 1989, can offer to each and every one.

There is, of course, a magnificent 9-hole golf course boasting a par 35, which opens May through September. It is in fact one of the most difficult courses in Saskatchewan. It features golf cart trails which weave through a splendid pine, spruce and birch forest, as well as a practice green for practicing tee shots, an excellent pro shop where you can rent golf clubs, hand carts or motorized carts, and a friendly bar. However, on the course, golfers must constantly be on the lookout for thieving ravens, which aren't afraid of stealing the occasional golf ball!

Eagle Point Resort also rents out several house-boats, complete with kitchenette, bathroom and barbecue, allowing visitors to explore the 1,300 islands of Lac La Ronge at their leisure, or even fish (fishing is especially good in June and at the end of August), swim or take in the sun.

But that is not all, for the Poirier family is constantly on searching for new ways to provide their visitors with unforgettable experiences. Eagle Point Resort, with an expanse of a total of 214 acres, also includes:


In 1999, a catastrophe occurred! Four cabins were destroyed by fire. But there was absolutely no question of giving up due to this extremely difficult situation. They decided to rebuild even more comfortable and modern cabins immediately.

After so many defeats and obstacles to overcome, Eagle Point Resort is now very successful, with results far surpassing what was hoped for in the first few years. The resort welcomes a great many tourists yearly, and turnover rates are nearly $750,000 per year. The business is valued at a net worth of over $5 million, and has seven permanent positions as well as approximately twenty seasonal jobs.

The next challenge is to offer year-round services. The first step has already been taken by setting up a Polaris snowmobile/quad runner sales centre, which includes a service centre with out-board motor fix-it shop in the summer.

For Jean Poirier, the voice of success is clearly summed up by the following:

We are allowed to dream, but to go from dream to reality, or from one challenge to another, one must possess extraordinary perseverance and never give up in front of the biggest obstacles!