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Hole in One Wall of Fame

Name Hole Club Used Date
Ron Simon 6th hole   July 21st, 2017
Frank Clinton 6th hole #5 Hybrid June 22nd, 2013
Gerry McKenzie 6th hole #6 Iron July 22nd, 2012
Will Kerr 4th Hole Driver May 20th, 2011
Vern Allen 6th hole August 26th, 2007
Brad Sanderson 6th hole August 3rd, 2007
Ralph Senga 6th hole June 18, 2006
Murray Hooker 6th hole #6 Iron August 15th, 2003
Hugh Monroe 4th hole #3 Wood July 19th, 2002
Elaine Noonan 4th hole #5 Wood July 14th, 2002
Logan Jamieson 6th hole #7 Iron June 29th, 2002
Mike Layton 4th hole #8 Iron August 18th, 2001
Franklin Carriere 6th hole #3 Wood July 1st, 2001
Bob Walker 6th hole #8 Iron June 18th, 2001
Michael Bell 6th hole #5 Iron August 8th, 1999
Joe Charles 6th hole #6 Iron July 1st, 1999
Lavern Kunz 6th hole #6 Iron September 13th, 1998
Adrian Jones 6th hole #5 Iron August 18th, 1998
Don Bernatchez 6th hole #8 Iron July 7th, 1998
Rosie Charles 4th hole #5 Wood May 31st, 1998
Rose Cook 4th hole #5 Iron June 7th, 1997
Dennis Moniuk 6th hole #5 Iron September 6th, 1995
Carl Halland 6th hole #5 Wood May 1st, 1994
Kelly Fitch 6th hole #6 Iron May 6th, 1993