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Stanley Mission is a centre for many attractions, including Twin Falls about 40 minutes up the Churchill River, the famous Holy Trinity Church just across from the community, ancient Indian rock paintings, the roaring Big Stanley and Little Stanley Rapids, and the scenic Nistowiak Falls, which carries the waters of Lac La Ronge into the Churchill River. Just downstream from Nistowiak are Potter Rapids, flanked on both banks by fishing camps.

Otter Rapids is a tearing quarter-mile stretch of water where the entire Churchill River, for a brief instant, is confined in a single channel. It's popular with white-water canoeists, and some people even like to 'swim' the rapids in a life jacket and safety helmet.

For the less adventurous, you can stand on the bridge and look down through the grid deck at the swiftly flowing water below.

The Nipikamew Sand Cliffs are about an hour south of La Ronge. Drive just past the Nipikamew River and look for an indistinct trail leading south from the road. There are three sets of cliffs; the first is the most visited. The second and third sets, are less spectacular but better preserved.

Air Sightseeing

Scenic flights of varying durations are offered by a local charter company... Transwest Air


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We have two excellent hiking trails. The Nemeiben Lake nature trail includes interpretive information about local vegetation and wildlife. See how ancient glaciers have shaped the landscape, learn how tall trees shade delicate mosses and fungi on the forest floor, and walk by a marshy bay where water lilies and reed grass thrive.

The Nut Point Hiking Trail is 15 km in length, running northward from the Nut Point campground to the end of Nut Point. The time to hike it is estimated at eight hours including rest stops. The trail passes through black spruce, jackpine, aspen and balsam fir, crosses area of muskeg, and climbs over high rock ridges. You might see deer, moose, bear, beaver, muskrat or mink. Also watch for owls, bald eagles, golden eagles, osprey, herons and ducks.

For a scenic 4 km return hike, walk the Montreal River Trail in Air Ronge. It runs along the south shore of the river, starting at one of two points: the Heritage Campground by the highway bridge, or the end of Fairchild Street. There's a boardwalk for part of the way, and then the nature trail to Bigstone Lake.

Mountain Biking

A favorite summer sport, try biking the Don Allen Ski Trails, climb to the summit cabin for a picnic and enjoy the downhill run from there. Watch for bears though!


We have a number of good sand beaches, accessible by road or water. By road, visit the two beaches at Wadin Bay, or the small beach at Missinipe. By water, fine sand beaches at Meeyomoot and around the south end of Lac La Ronge are at your disposal.